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Asus aura sync windows 10 64 bit

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Apr 15,  · If you do not have Armoury Crate and want to uninstall all Aura Creator related apps and services, follow the steps below: 1. Click the link to go to the Armoury Crate support website. 2. Find the “ Driver & Utility ” tab and select the OS as “ Windows 10 bit ” to download “ Armoury Crate Uninstall Tool ”. 3. Aug 04,  · 1. Download Asus Aura (Sync) Via Homepage. To get Asus aura sync download first, launch any web browser and then go to the official website of Asus. Then, from there, select a version and then make sure you choose the version which is the latest. Now, the Asus aura software will start. Download ASUS PRIME ZA AURA Utility for Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 64 bit, Windows 10 64 bit. Softpedia >Drivers >Motherboard >Asus > ASUS PRIME ZA AURA Utility for Windows 10 bit.

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RGB lighting has become an essential part of every gaming PC builds today. It makes the gaming experience look cool, unique, and futuristic compared to that of a regular workhorse PC.

Since most gamers prefer to play in a dim-lit room, having that RGB lighting makes everything, aside from being legible, more customized, and immersive. However, to get that personalized experience, you need software that gives you full control of the RGB on your system.

Of course, given you are using a ROG-branded computer or any compatible setup. The personalization option depends on the platform and accessories you are using.

Aura Sync should be able to let you personalize and control components ranging from the keyboard to the monitor, the motherboard, GPU, case lights, and any other third-party compatible components.

To be able to access Aura Sync, we need to download and install the Armoury Crate utility first from the official Asus website. After the installation, the next thing that we need to do is to make sure that everything is connected properly, and that you are using the latest version of Windows compatible with your system.

That said, if you just updated to the latest version of Windows, you will have to restart your computer to refresh the system. Upon launching the Armoury Crate, there will be some options aligned vertically on the left of the screen.

Look for the triangle symbol labeled Aura Sync from the sidebar. This option should take you to the syncing of compatible devices. This feature. The following is the most up-to-date list of Aura Sync-compatible gaming laptops and peripherals. To use the Aura Sync feature, you first need to download and install the executable of the Armoury Crate software utility from the button given below.

This is given that you are using the most up-to-date Windows version available for your system. The Armoury Crate software utility is available for systems that run on the Windows 10 Creators Update and later. In this case, you may search the app from the Start menu by clicking the magnifying glass icon from the taskbar or by pressing the Windows start button to launch the app drawer.

There will be a pop-up dialog that invites you to install Armoury Crate. If you happen to cancel the first boot-up installation invite, or you choose to install the Armoury Crate later, you can do so. Just click on the link we provided above to go to the official ASUS support website to download the executable. Note: If you are using a non-compatible motherboard but are using an Armoury Crate and Aura Sync-compatible peripherals, you can still install the app using the same process to personalize and control your RGB lighting and other components.

But first thing first, make sure it is all perfectly connected. For more custom lighting, you may use Aura Creator. If you are already using the Armoury Crate v2. However, if you are using Armoury Crate v1.

If for some reason you want to uninstall all Armoury Crate-related apps and services, you may follow the steps below:. Like any other software, Armoury Crate may sometime encounter some occasional bugs.

In this case, You may try to reinstall the app again and remove all the apps related to Armoury Crate. This may help remove all the problematic components from the app and replace them with a newer one. Again, make sure that you are running the latest version of Windows OS. Unfortunately, there is no other way to synchronize non-compatible components with Aura Sync since it is locked by the manufacturer. The moment you turn on the computer, the first thing you see is the stunning LED lights that brighten up the room and your setup.

If you are into vanilla stuff, it is okay. However, if you are like most of the power users out there, it is great to have full customization of these RGB lights to bring out personality to your Gaming PC setup. Armoury Crate and its Aura Sync feature allow that customization and more. Depending on what compatible components you are using, there is a lot of customization that can be done with your RGB lighting.

If you are a more advanced user though, you may try using AURA Creator to further customize and create lighting. Asus Aura Sync Download.


Asus aura sync windows 10 64 bit


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