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Best free piano plugins for logic pro x free download

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2) KeyZone Classic – Windows & Mac. 3) The Grand DSK Piano – Windows & Mac.

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2) KeyZone Classic – Windows & Mac. 3) The Grand DSK Piano – Windows & Mac.


Best free piano plugins for logic pro x free download


Let me share my top recommendations. Hello, Mike here, and I am a composer. Because it is so versatile. It has the full range of all octaves, as well as all dynamic levels from the softest of soft, too the loudest of loud PPP to FFF. You also have a huge range of sound, tone and character for the piano.

Depending on which piano model you use, which microphones are use, where those microphones are placed and so on. There are several factors to consider when choosing a piano plugin or library for your composer toolkit. However, there is no such thing as one piano to rule them all. Every piano is like a different singer. And all vocalists have different styles they are best suited for. Spectrasonics did an amazing job with this plugin.

Not only do you get a great acoustic piano sound. You get an entire library of all kinds of keyboard instruments, including lots of electric keyboards, and even rare keyboard based instruments.

The sound quality is amazing, and the customization options are extensive. And I have to say this interface is one of the most beautiful and inspiring to work with. Not only for piano plugins, but for any plugin I have used. You get a nice FX page in this plugin too, where you can customize delay, reverb, microphone mix, filters, saturation etc. The main advantage is that you can get a complete piano sound with this plugin, effects and all included. Addictive Keys also comes in different modules you can pick and choose from: a grand piano, an upright piano, an electric grand piano, and an electric piano.

I mainly use Addictive Keys when I need a crisp, studio sounding produced piano. I also like using it for arpeggios and delayed piano sounds. When I want a well balanced true piano sound, I very often go to this instrument. It has a very classic sound, but is also very flexible at the same time. You can play anything from jazz, to cinematic action piano parts. It has that true hammer-resonant low-end that sounds like a piano.

In contrast to many other piano plugins that are very boomy, and have too much rumble in the low-end range. This piano is one of the easiest to mix in a composition, because of the great balanced tone over the full range. Whenever I look for a super well balanced piano sound that will easily blend into the mix, I consider this piano.

I also love it for that true and mean piano-hammer sound in the low octaves. Especially for staccatos, which have got extra attention from the developers. They recorded dedicated staccato samples in 36 velocity levels and 2x round robins for each key.

Which makes this my go-to piano for short note phrases, rhythmic playing etc. Try layering it with staccato or spiccato strings, and you will get amazing results.

Another great aspect of this piano is the adaptive release functionality. This means that the note length will change the actual release sounds, which adds more variation and life to the performance. I love this piano for its amazing sound on short notes, staccato parts and arpeggios. Especially if you leave some space after the notes to let those beautifully recorded resonances and harmonics ring out.

This piano is not the most feature rich. However, the interface is amazingly simple, and the sound and tone is exactly what the name implies: cinematic. It is based on a Yamaha C7 grand piano, and recorded in the same scoring stage as the rest of the cinematic studio series of instruments.

This makes it one of my go-to pianos for that instant Hollywood cinematic sound. You get 4 microphones that you can mix and blend to suit your current composition, and since it is recorded in a scoring stage you get that cinematic sound instantly without having to EQ, filter or add external reverb unless you want to.

And an extra reverb slider. Just a great pure and simple cinematic piano. Whenever I need that instant hollywood sound for a piano part, Cinematic Studio Piano is a perfect choice. Lush, warm, beautiful room sound, and delicate tone. This piano library is very different from a standard grand piano.

It was recorded from a custom built upright piano that produce a very soft, resonant tone. It is incredibly useful for those dreamlike piano sounds, and I find it to work great for ambient parts, underscores, cinematic soft background music etc. The tone is beautiful, and you can choose from 3 different modes. Felt, cotton and pure…all having a distinctively different character. This piano has lots of character in the resonance and release, harmonics, pedal and key noises etc.

I personally often dial down the noise aspects, but in some cases you want to have it present for that close, genuine and intimate sound. I find this the perfect piano for magical overtones, otherworldly harmonics, and sustains full of soul and life. It does not get used in every track due to its specific sound, but when I need it I am grateful to have it in my composer toolbox. If you want a really soft and emotional piano sound…this piano might be the perfect choice.

It comes with over 40 presets to help you find the perfect piano tone for your needs. And in the user interface you can shape the character further with controls for: tone, body, tightness etc. There is also an arpeggiator, as well as an entire FX rack.

However, I personally most often use Emotional Piano straight out of the box using the main preset to get that lush, radiant piano tone that is perfect for soft, emotional piano performances. Whenever I need a very soft, warm and emotional piano sound, this piano is a perfect match. Great for soft chord progressions, or inspiring warm arpeggios. Sometimes you simply need a nice upright piano, if you want that roomy and intimate vibe. The gentleman is based on an upright piano made in , which gives it a really lush vintage sound.

It has a very delicate and close sound, and works great for piano parts in the background of a mix. However a nice, close upright piano also works great for pop music.

The tone controls include levels for pedals, damper, string, and hammer sounds. And you can even control if the lid is open or closed. If I need a laid-back, roomy piano sound with a close, soft, and intimate vibe, the gentleman is one of my primary choices. Why do they claim this? It is over 3 meters high, and weighs over Kg. Reading that made me understand their claim. The end result is a super heavy low-end, rich overtones, and very cinematic sustains. This piano adds a lot of punch, so you really need to be careful with it in the mix to not overwhelm other instruments.

You get over 40 presets, and you have lots of tone shaping controls. But you also have a cinematic mode where you can really get creative and make piano sounds from out of this world. Every time I need a bold, punchy low-end in my piano sound, The Giant is a great choice.

I rarely use this piano without the XXL button turned on. I also go to this piano for the twisted cinematic sound design abilities. A concert grand piano with that classic feel, a nice dynamic range with 18 velocity zones and separate overtone and resonance samples.

Even the key release sounds have been sampled with 9 velocity layers. The piano has a crisp and silky high-end and well balanced low-end. It also has that instant concert hall piano vibe, perfect for classical style piano parts.

You can control the tone from soft to bright, as well as individual levels for pedals, damper, string, and hammer sounds. When I want that classical vibe with a silky high-end and balanced low-end that would fit a concert hall piano sound, The Grandeur is a great choice for me. But I still go to it often because of that soft, intimate sound you get straight out of the box.

It does not do huge, it does not do bright and attack. Instead it simply does those gentle and magical sounding piano parts amazingly well. It is very warm and lush sound that lends itself well to RnB, Jazz and laidback piano performances, and I personally use it a lot for background cinematic piano parts. But you have to start somewhere, and build up your library of pianos in your composer toolbox.

The piano is my absolute favorite instrument as a composer. The brand and model name. The Overall Tone Warm vs Bright. Attacky vs Silky. The Sound Quality Recording quality, balance etc. And here is my complete list of my favorite piano plugins and libraries: 1. Keyscape Spectrasonics did an amazing job with this plugin. Keyscape — My Top List The Sound Quality 10 years of detailed recordings and production of this plugin truly made it become one of the most celebrated piano and keyboard software instruments in the world.

The Range of Sounds You get 36 instrument models with thousands of presets included.


Best free piano plugins for logic pro x free download

Included in the library are sustain pedal up and down samples for even more dynamic variation. Ethan Graham on January 7, pm.

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