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Publisher: University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing. The chapters cover what you hope and expect from an introductory level public speaking textbook. Comprehensiveness rating: 5 see less. The content is accurate, but sometimes ignores the historical birth of the ideas in favor of more recent discussions.

While this approach will work well for most avenues of student, students in communication majors would benefit from additional nods to early scholars such as Quintillian, Ciscero, and Aristotle. For the most part this text holds up well across each chapter with the possible exemption of chapter 15 concerning presentation aids. The rapidly changing landscape of visual aids makes chapters on them, in any level of communication textbook, difficult to keep relevant.

The good news is that anyone choosing to adapt this book for their own course can choose to update this chapter or omit it as they see fit. The points in each chapter are accessible to introductory scholars.

The book may be slightly tedious in upper level courses, but this is clearly a fundamental course book and should only be used as such. I would need a few semesters of working with the book to be certain, but it does not seem to contradict itself after my first viewing.

The variety of visuals is both a benefit and a potential issue. Students today are often more prone to need a consistent approach to layouts. The chapters themselves are consistent in their format, but the variety of visual aids could be problematic for some students. The chapters are organized as you would expect to see in a book used for a 15 week semester. The real strength of the book’s organization lies within the way each chapter is laid out in sub-points.

A clever instructor might even point this out to their students to push the idea of how well topic organizational patterns work in public speaking. The variety of ways in which to engage with the book is wonderful, and there seem to be no interface issues with any of them.

The book’s relevance to culture is simplistic, but effective. For anyone adapting this ebook to their own course, a course director could easily add ideas endemic to their local community in a way that would make great sense to their students. Otherwise, the need for specific instances of cultural relevance are less necessary that other items. This text covers a wide range of topics, all of which are important for students to be aware of for a public speaking text.

I especially liked the section on ethical public speaking, as a lot of other public speaking texts do not touch on this I especially liked the section on ethical public speaking, as a lot of other public speaking texts do not touch on this.

Content wise, this text really covered everything there is to know about public speaking I feel. While I did feel that some topics could have been given their own entire chapter though, all the major concepts were still touched on. The only additions could be an index and glossary. There is no author biases, this was a well written text and had no errors in what was being presented. Everything is relevant today, and will likely continue to be for some time before edits need to be made.

Even when that happens, the overall content will still be accurate, it will only need to be more modernized. Each chapter pretty much follows the same format and flow, and has information divided into sections. Information is divided into sections, and smaller ‘chunks’ so it makes reading chapters more bearable and allows students the opportunity to stop reading and pick up right where they left off easily without missing anything that is being presented to them.

For the type of class that this text is for, it did a fine job here and was not insensitive or offensive. This textbook has the classic coverage of most Public Speaking textbooks today with an emphasis on ethics. I do see that cultural identities are missing which would be important when considering the audience although the demographic information I do see that cultural identities are missing which would be important when considering the audience although the demographic information in the audience chapter is covered quite well.

And there is a very brief overview of culture on page Also on page there is a discussion of the diversity found in audiences. There is a bibliography at the end of each section in the chapters – this is nice in demonstrating the accuracy of materials. In chapter 1, section 1. Chapter 2 on ethics is excellent, covered well. Go to Interface below for comments on being unbiased.

This book, along with all P. The content borders on information overload. Dense is the word I would use. Some long paragraphs, a lot of text. However, the Learning Objectives, Key Takeaways, Exercises, End of the Chapter Assessments help the student pull the main ideas that helps with organizing and remembering material in their minds.

I also like the use of headings and the use of bold for key words. There is consistency in the layout of this text. Each chapter is divided into sections. Each section is clearly labeled and begins with Learning Objectives and ends with Key Takeaways, Exercises, and a bibliography references.

All parts of each section have clear labeling all the way through the chapter. There is an ethical box connecting the material of that chapter to ethic at the end of each chapter and an end-of-chapter assessment with answer key wish it didn’t have that or the key was placed at the end of the text. As I commented above, yes the material is ‘readily divisible into smaller reading sections’. From my view this is well-done by the author. I notice a worksheet at the end of Chapter 9, which is positive for students as they work through their introduction to a speech.

As commented above, the organization is excellent. Students could easily create an outline from the structure on the chapters. Chapters and Sections are logically ordered with consideration to the steps in developing a speech. The only chapter that I personally would move earlier in the book, is Chapter 13 on language. I do understand the reasoning of the author’s placement. After writing your outline for the speech, you could then consider language, so the placement can make sense.

Personal viewpoint. Interface is good. As I look at pictures, they tend to be of older white men – I do not prefer this as I think it s not a good representation of the population of our country. Little inclusion of women or people of color. Being overwhelming was the purpose , I believe. In one area I saw a reference to the Bible used as an example. I have no problem with this, if other religious texts are also utilized – I have not seen that included.

I have not detected any grammatical or spelling errors. Upon use of the textbook, they would show up more readily if there. I am looking forward to trying out this textbook in my public speaking class this summer. I am concerned with the density of the book, simply information overload [again, this is my perception]. The work is well sourced, and covers most aspects of public speaking with thoroughness.

However, it is without a glossary or index. The chapters are well laid however, and the “Key Takeaways” and “Exercises” at the end of each sections provides Comprehensiveness rating: 4 see less. The chapters are well laid however, and the “Key Takeaways” and “Exercises” at the end of each sections provides clarity.

I found the approach to speech anxiety Ch. Anxiety is not a one-size fits all; and embracing the uniqueness of individual skill sets is the key for success. Lacking in this book’s treatment is even a cursory discussion to the physiology of the voice and vocal production.

Admittedly, a course in Voice and Diction is more appropriate for a thorough examination of these techniques. So to that extent, this omission is somewhat understandable. Still, it is surprising that basic physiology the diaphragm, Larynx, etc.

The book is dispassionate in its examination of passionate topics and difficult techniques. Further, it places the material in the proper context s. I found no errors. All the links in the text seemed to work as well. Without dwelling on the up-to-the-minute trends in mass media, for example, this book effectively presents timeless content with some basic modern thinking. For example, its focus on ethics is well presented early in the text Ch.

Its use of the Credo for Ethical Communication is an important way to start the critical thinking process. There is a sensitivity to modern nuances and perceptions in this book, which allows the students to critically examine their goals, and those if their audiences. The prose of this public speaking book is consistently basic, without being vague or boiler plate.

Even its approach to “drier” topics such as research and outlining are easily accessible. The framework for topics and issues presented in this text is one of its best features. Topics are laid out before hand and thoroughly recapped. I found the students came to rely on this consistency to help them absorb material ranging from research techniques to subjective speaking styles. Another attribute of “Stand Up, Speak Out” is its organization.

Like public speaking itself, there is no one particular order to present material.



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Microsoft word 2016 vocabulary worksheet free.Microsoft Excel


It is not the first time I have written something about this great site to learn vocabulary but, it was such a long time ago, that I think it vcoabulary to be brought to your attention again. I even like the name. What do I like best about this site? It teaches vocabulary in a visual way but also, and this of the utmost importance to me, is that it teaches students how to pronounce the words they are learning.

T he vocabulary is organized into categories, ranging from the easy Numbers or the Seasons to the more sophisticated Insect Life Cycle. First, on top of the page, you will need to choose your language and also, the language you want to learn.

The website also offers exercises to consolidate the vocabulary. For each category, you will find 3 match-up exercises, a fill-in the gaps and a dictation. What I especially like about this site is that it uses visual aid to help students learn better and faster and, at страница same time, teaches them how to pronounce the words.

Your e-mail address will wordd be читать далее. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Microsoft word 2016 vocabulary worksheet free does it work? How do you learn with this page? Now, you are ready to start.

Choose a category. The main categories are: beginning, around you, daily life, your society, your world and special series. You will see words related to this category with the corresponding image and pronunciation. There are three mirosoft kinds of match up exercises: Match up 1: you will find a list of words and below the words, a list of sound icons. Click on a sound icon and drag it and drop it to the corresponding word. When you finish, click Complete.

Match up 2: you will see the pictures and below the words to drag and drop. Match up 3: same as match up 1, but in autodesk autocad 2014 software free download free download exercise, you will see microsoft word 2016 vocabulary worksheet free pictures and not the words. Also Fill in: you will see several gaps and you will have to type the words that microdoft to each image. Dictation: you will find a list of sound icons.

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