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WWE 2K15, free and safe download. WWE 2K15 latest version: The number one (and only) contender for the WWE title on PC. WWE 2K15 has finally arrived o. If your don’t know how to Download this game, just Click Here! WWE 2K15 Download Download in 5GB Parts Click Here – Download in MB Parts.

Download wwe 2k15 game for pc.WWE 2K15 PC Game


Raw vs Smackdown Download for PC is a similar game for wrestling-related. Call of duty advanced warfare game download. There were different stories for those who chose to be heels. Overall it has been a real coming of age story and 2K15 should have been the culmination of all this progress to produce a masterclass in entertainment. What we got, however, was a bland story with a handful of side plots that were uninspired or interesting.

There is the showcase mode that allows you to recreate the most amazing moments in WWE history but even this feels a little stale and some inclusions just seem thoughtless and the omissions seem even more so. There seems to be a reason why the story mode seemed so simplistic and streamlined. The whole game has picked the previous sequel for parts. The creation mode has been scaled back drastically, with no way to create custom stories, custom belts or even a female wrestler which is baffling, even five years ago.

This even translates to the wrestling cast with names of the time like Sin Cara and Zach Rider inexplicably not making the cut. This game has some strong points in the form of its graphical detail and showcase matches. Clothing, hair, and bread texture have been enhanced. A new escape system was included in the Steel Cage match.

Can use weapons in Hell in a Cell match. Got a new move pack. Impressive soundtrack. Gta 5 Download Here. The computer version adds all of the game’s downloadable content into a single package, making it great value.

But has the delay between releases damaged the appeal of this port? WWE fans will probably already know the story behind this game. The hope was that, with 2K Sport now on board, the franchise would be undergoing a long-awaited overhaul. Completely new animation, voices, and character models were at the heart of this renovation wish list.

Unfortunately this is not what fans of WWE received. Instead, 2K Sports bought in Visual Concepts developers of their NBA titles to give the game a good polish and face lift — but left the underling faults.

The result being a game that looks great until you start playing. That said, this new installment does add a few new gameplay twists that could indicate the direction future refinements may take. This includes a grapple mechanic usually only seen near the start of a fight , that has you take part in a rock-paper-scissor style mini game.

This is then followed by a more delicate interaction with the right stick to find the sweet spot faster than your opponent, creating some nice up-close tension.


WWE 2K15 PC Game Download Full Version.WWE 2K15 PC Game – Free Download Full Version


And WWE 2K16 will take over. It is the first cover in the collection to use the latest WWE gaame unveiled in late The cover features John Cena. Repetition in download wwe 2k15 game for pc wrestling clothing is woven. In its worst case, downkoad generates a constant feeling of being there, due to the uncreative продолжить in the often driftless world of modern wrestling.

The elegant method of Developer Yuke dowload a wrestler to repertoire hundreds of kicks, catches, and counters without requiring players to relearn complicated combinations for each superstar. WWE 2K15 Highly, even though they all have their different movesets, this leads to each celebrity playing almost the same. Playing a flying fan like Rey Mysterio is close to playing a gigantic brute like Rusev that download wwe 2k15 game for pc gams with the roster.

Nonetheless, these grievances can briefly downlad when an opponent is nailed to a sickening F-5 thud or a prompt RKO. WWE 2K15 Download wwe 2k15 game for pc, WrestleMania has been the fashion highlight even if the finish is meaningless to take the role of my regular character as a sly, vicious heel.

I had a few social media feuds with gzme before that series, but they only lasted one week or two and happened when I was the NXT champion. It was hours of pointless struggles after the Bryan feud until there was another story occurrence. I joined the Survivor Series Team Randy Orton heel teambut like most previous feuds, it was only informed through messages. You have a face-to-face gage, but chances to work as a heel or a nose are low.

Perhaps I was able to decide a healing downooad for four periods in my ten gsme so hours in the MyCareer phase. The most important thing was to put a significant match between my enemy with a different weapon and me, without losing my reputation as a superstar.

WWE 2K15, Modifying download wwe 2k15 game for pc character will first be too sluggish and, once you get to Smackdown, it will go far too fast. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for подробнее на этой странице next time I comment. Highly Compressed Zip. Login Sign Up. Cracked Setup Game. Related Posts. Previous Next. Leave a Comment. Recent Posts.

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